Swollen Tragus Piercing, Bumps Pictures, Symptoms, Causes, Infected Tragus No Pain, How to Cure It

Do you have swollen tragus piercing? What are the some of the signs of an infected swollen tragus with no pain? Is swollen tragus with pus normal? Can I cure swollen tragus bumps effectively? In this article, learn more on the swollen ear lobes and find pictures of swollen tragus to help you understand more.

Ear piercing and other forms of body piercing have taken a different form in the modern world. Unlike the previous years where ear piercing was only restricted to the earlobe, nowadays people tend to have a different variation of ear piercing including tragus, anti – tragus or even at times the cartilage.

Infected Tragus Piercing

Infected Tragus Piercing

As much as you desire to cope up with current fashion of ear piercing, beware of the infection that you ear is likely to get. We are going to have a comprehensive discussion on the causes, symptoms, and tips on how to cure the problem of swollen tragus piercing infections.

Swollen tragus pictures

How does a swollen tragus look like? To help you understand how swollen or infected ear lobe near the tragus look like, we have added pictures in the post. We have more images that illustrate and give details of swollen tragus. This will help you identify well with your symptoms.

Infected Tragus Bump

Infected Tragus Bump

Swollen tragus causes- what causes the tragus to get swollen?

Do you have a swollen tragus? In pursuit of beauty, you may have had a swollen ear lobe or lymph node near the tragus swollen. What was the experience? The tragus is a small area around the ear lobe: this part of the ear can be pierced successfully without causing any harm to your health. However, in some cases, it can be infected and get swollen. Some of the causes of swollen tragus include the following:

1. Swollen tragus cancer

Can cancer cause your tragus piercing to swell? One of the known symptom of cancer is a lump on the patient body. Does it mean that whenever you have a swollen lymph node you could be having cancer? Tragus piercing can cause the ear lobe swell if the procedure is not correctly done or probably your after care was poor.

If you have a bump on the tragus after piercing, consult your healthcare provider to have the bump carefully examined. It could signify a serious health risk such as cancer. In some cases the cancer will start as benign lesions or tumors on the tragus which can spread to the entire ear.

2. Otitis Externa -Swimmer’s Ear

This is an inflammation of the outer and does not have a direct link to tragus piercing. However, it could be the reason you have a swollen bump near the tragus. Normally it is a bacterial infection; chronic cases are attributed to infection by the fungi. Symptoms include appearance of small boil that tends to extend to a certain length of the canal.

It is commonly known as swimmer’s ear since it has the frequency of appearance in people who love swimming regularly. Treatment of this kind of infection in the ear canal and around the tragus is simply allowing it resolve on its own. No medical condition treatment is involved unless serious you develop serious health complication which are rare.

3. Wearing wrong jewelry

The reason you have a bump on your tragus is because of poor choice of jewelry you wear after you have had your ear piercing. It is common to see people wearing wrong jewelry materials on the tragus after they have had just the piercing.

It is important to avoid wearing tight jewelry that can make it hard for fast healing of the piercing. Such jewelry or studs can make the tragus to have bumps or infecting the bump altogether. Additionally, materials such as nickel are known to cause allergic reaction to quite a number of people.

It is advisable to go for materials such as steel, silver, platinum or gold. Studs made from these material have shown rare cases of allergic reactions thus considered safe to be worn after tragus piercing.

4. Bad Tragus Piercing  Aftercare Practice

While you might be looking for the latest trend of ear piercing, it is important to have in mind how best to take care of the new tragus piercing. The swelling on the tragus can be an indication of poor aftercare practice. Ignoring or not taking proper care of your new piercing can harbor bacteria or fungi, this makes your tragus susceptible to infections.

The best aftercare is to always clean gently the area with a saline solution or a bacteria soap. You can as well ask for a guide on how to take care of the piercing until you are fully healed.

5. Using unsterilized piercing tools

Always ensure that the piercing tools are sterilized before you have the procedure done on your tragus. This should start with a qualified piercer otherwise you may end up having an infected tragus piercing. Obviously quacks have a way of doing things the wrong way at a cheap attractive cost. Washing hands or using disinfectant after the procedure should be part of the procedure to have a safe piercing.

 6. Physical injuries

Take caution of your new piercing otherwise healing process might take weeks, months or even years. Physical injuries on the tragus by the studs or jewelry can cause bleeding that will make you susceptible to infection. While you are in the process of recovering, always use a mirror to clean or insert a jewelry in the tragus piercing. This is a safe procedure to minimize self-implicated pain and injuries.

Bleeding on Tagrus piercing

Bleeding on Tragus Piercing

Symptoms of an infected swollen tragus piercing

What are the symptoms of an infected tragus piercing? Any form of body piercing will show some signs especially when infected. Below here are some of the symptoms that you will identify with whenever you get a swollen tragus:

  • Inflammation and redness on the tragus piercing
  • Red bleeding bump in front of the ear and around the tragus piercing
  • Yellowish discharge and sometimes foul smell
  • Hard and painful pimple like swelling
  • Formation of a crusty lump

Swollen lymph node near tragus

Do you have a bump in front of your ear? If you have a swollen lymph node near the tragus that resembles nodules found in clusters, this is normal. Lymph nodes are part of the lymphatic system to protect the body from infections. If the tragus is infected with bacteria or fungi, the lymph nodes group in clusters and move near the tragus to fight the infections, in the process the lymph nodes get swollen.

An infection of the ear due to piercing can cause the lymph to get enlarged as they trap the cells of tumor. Similarly, if you develop a sore tragus or sinus the lymph node in front of the ear gets swollen.

Swollen tragus ear infection no pain

If your tragus piercing is correctly done in a safe environment, then you have no reason to have any pain. Most of the tragus will be swollen owing to the fact that it is a piercing, which does not necessarily mean that you have an infection. However, infections might arise from bacteria or fungi as in the case of swimmer’s ear.

The tragus piercing requires absolute proper aftercare, this will keep infections away. Tips to cure an infected swollen tragus piercing have been discussed in this article. In case you develop recurrent infections in the ear from swollen tragus, seek medical attention for correct diagnosis.

Is swollen tragus piercing with bumps normal?

Did you have a swollen tragus? Do you think it is normal to have a bump on the tragus piercing? Ear piercing with a bump is normal especially during the early days when the piercing is done. However, bumps might signify the onset of infections developing around the tragus. In some cases, the bumps could also be indicating keloid scar tissue build which appear like a hard pimple.

Generally, bumps are often caused by wearing tight or heavy jewelry material. Using a piercing gun cause injuries or tear blood vessels around the tragus. If you are allergic to nickel material, this might be a source of allergic reactions causing swelling that appear like bumps.

A normal lump should be able to heal on its own. If that doesn’t happen in weeks or months, consult a doctor to have the problem sorted out immediately.

Red swollen tragus piercing with pus

The cause of a lump on your tragus with pus can be linked to an infection. If this problem is not treated as soon as possible, it can get risker to the entire ear. Normally, you can get painful abscess making the tragus skin red and tender with pus trapped in the cartilage of your ear.

Similarly formation of lumps can be attributed to excessive growth of collagen or just a boil that might result from poor hygiene of a new piercing on the ear lobe.

Treatment of a tragus that has developed an abscess involves surgical procedure to have the lump removed and pus drained to avoid reinfection.

How to treat an infected swollen tragus piercing

If you have an infected swollen tragus piercing, the most essential factor is how to heal it fast. Ear piercing must be kept in a clean and tidy environment. Here are some of the home remedies to cure swollen infected tragus after piercing.

1. Rubbing with a disinfectant or saline solution

The first way to clean an infected ear piercing is using a saline solution or disinfectant for at least twice per day. Here‘s how to do that:

  • Soak a clean cotton ball in a saline or disinfectant solution
  • Gently apply it in and around the pierced area
  • Allow the solution to slip into the pierced hole for some minutes
  • Twist the tragus jewelry gently to distribute evenly the solution
  • This procedure should be followed twice or thrice per day until full healing happens.

2. Clean using salt water

After the piercing sessions, cultivate a routine of cleaning the area with salty solution to kill bacteria or any other form of infection such as fungi. Here’s the procedure to clean your piercing using warm salty water.

  • Add a tablespoon of sea salt into a glass of warm water
  • Mix this solution thoroughly
  • Soak a cotton ball or alternatively Q- tip with a little solution
  • Gently apply the solution to the infected area
  • This session should be carried out two or three times daily.

3. Antibiotics for infected tragus piercing

In case there is an infection in the swollen tragus piercing that might last weeks or months after piercing, you may be forced to use antibiotics to speed up the healing process. Such infections that lasts for extraordinarily long period to heal require the attention of a doctor or a qualified piercer. Your doctor should be able to carefully examine the nature of infection and recommend some oral or topical antibiotics.

In some cases, though rare antibiotics are recommended especially when cellulitis begin to develop around the swelling. Such cases require application of antibiotics since the body cannot fight the infection on its own.

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