White Spots on Testicles Sack, Pictures, Itch Causes after Shaving STD Treatment

White spots on testicles can be source of worry and discomfort especially if they itch and won’t go away. Can you get white lumps on testicles really? What does white pimples on testicles sack mean? What are the causes of hard, small, big and white patches on the testicles?

Do you have white spots on testicles?  Bumps on testicles sac can be a sign of sexually transmitted disease (STD), an indication of cancer or rather simply a reaction as result of poor shaving habits. Find a comprehensive discussion on the causes of white patches on testicles. You may find the reason you are suffering from this condition.

Image of spots on the scrotal sac

Image of spots on the scrotal sack – Fordyce spots

What does white spots on testicles mean?

Can you get pimples on testicles? Spots around the testicles can appear in any form, black, red or white. It is normal to have pimples on the skin and around the genitals. But if you notice white spots near the testicles, this should make you a little worried particularly if they get hard and itchy. As you will soon learn, the spots might signify a more serious underlying health condition.

What does white bumps on the testicles mean? It might cause you anxiety whenever you notice these spots. But is it really normal? While some people might notice huge spots around the testicles, others experience tiny pimples that in some cases may be pus –filled. You may be asking yourself if such bumps mean STD or even worse cancer.

You may not find a conclusive answer unless you visit your health care provider. Correct examination from the health expert guarantees correct diagnosis. Seek medical attention, do not leave anything to chance. Sometimes it may be not painful or less harmful but that doesn’t signify everything is fine. It could be an onset of future major complication.

White spots on testicles pictures

How do white spots on testicles look like? White patches around the testicles can take a different form ranging from big, small and hard raised bumps around the scrotal sac. It may not be easy to tell the exact cause. To help you understand how white spots around the testicle skin look like, below is an image of white bumps on the testicles sac. We also have more images in the post to help you identify with your symptoms.

Large white bump on scrotum

Large white bump on scrotum

What causes white spots on testicles?

What causes white or cream like spots around the scrotum and genital area? First, it is important to understand that white bumps on penis and scrotum affect males regardless of their age. However, it is most commonly reported to appear in young male. Although the bumps might not cause any harm, it can cause embarrassment and affect our sexual life.

What Causes White Spots on Testicles

What Causes White Spots on Testicles

According to Buddy MD, the causes of white spots on testicles can be classified into two major groups: bumps on the surface of the scrotal sac and lumps inside the testicle sac. As you may find out, each of these are normal variation of the skin texture.

STDs, herpes, poor shaving methods, cancer and cysts among many others are linked to the white sometimes tiny spots on the surface of the testicles. Below, we have discussed how each of these can cause the cream like spots on the testicles.

1. White spots on scrotum after shaving

If you are a youthful man, it may worry you whenever you notice big bumps on your scrotal sac. While it may cause you anxiety, Buddy MD says that it is actually nothing but just part of the testicles skin variation. In most men the white spots on testicles are the extension of the hair follicles which will appear like raised pimples stretching from the thin scrotum skin.

However, poor shaving habits can cause you to develop white or cream like spots around the scrotum and penile shaft. Poor techniques of hair removal can cause white and hard spots on the testicles. After shaving the pubic area, the hair in some men tend to grow downward into the skin and form what is described as the ingrown hair.

White spots on testicles pus- filled

White spots on testicles pus- filled

The ingrown hair tend to form bumps on the testicle skin and around the penis seen mostly in young men. It may begin as a single spot on the scrotum but tend to increase and spread all over the testicles and sometimes around the anus.

How do you get rid of these white spots on the testicle sac? To prevent or remove these bumps around the genital skin, avoid poor hair removal techniques such as chemical removal, waxing and/or tweezing. These methods are known to cause cream like bumps on the testicles sac.

2. Small white spots on testicles STD, Herpes or Warts

Does it necessarily indicate that bumps on testicles means STD? A pimple on the testicles does not always signify that you have sexually transmitted disease. In youths, they are painless unless they are inflamed. In some cases, white bumps on the testicles could be an early indication you are developing STD.

Warts or herpes infection are always painful. However, you need not to worry so much about them unless you had unprotected sexual intercourse. Warts or herpes can be directly associated with white spots on testicles sac. Herpes is considered as one of the major disease to show symptoms of white spots on the genitals.

Warts is a condition that tend to appear on the genitals. It could be the reason you have hard lumps all over the testicles sack skin. Genital warts and herpes appear as painfully bumps like growth which may be pus- filled. White spots on the testicles may appear as ulcers and form lesion that has a tendency to spread.

3. Little Hard white lumps on testicles cancer

Little hard white lumps on the testicles can be due to testicular cancer.  According to the American Cancer Society report, a section of men develop bumps or swellings in or around the testicles sacks. From the findings of the report, it was concluded that one of the symptoms of testicular cancer is the appearance of hard bumps.

The lumps or mass of bumps around the testicular can be less painful but you should evaluate them right away. The concern in such a case is probably testicular cancer. In this case, you may notice the lumps arising from the testicles or sometimes the lumps are attached to it.

Visit a healthcare provider to get diagnosis. The doctor will carry a series of tests to help treat or remove the scrotal mass. An ultra sound of the testicle or biopsy of the bumps will be carried out to figure out the level of the growth of the mass around the scrotum.

4. White spots on scrotum hair follicle or folliculitis

If you have infected bumps or sometimes inflamed hair follicles around the scrotal skin, you are likely to get raised bumps which appear white or cream like pimples. The infection might occur inside the skin or on the testicle sack leading to white spots with pus or fluid filled.

Infection of the hair follicle can cause itchy feeling at initial stages of development. The symptoms on the testicles skin appear as white raised head pimple which become soft around the hair follicles. In most cases, folliculitis is known to resolve on its own if proper hygienic practice are maintained.

However, the condition might get worse and the white spots on testicles sack may develop into even bigger lesion. In more severe cases, poorly managed spots around the scrotum can be painful coupled with redness.

To get rid of white bumps on your scrotal skin or sack, you will need to exercise good genital hygiene. In more complex situations, you require the service of a physician who would recommend antibiotics or even advise you to use anti-inflammatory cream to help relieve the itching.

5. Large white spots on testicles itch, also called jock itch

If you have an itch that tends to be painful or itchy rash found predominantly around the groin, buttocks, inner thighs and scrotum, then you may be suffering from jock itch. You are likely to develop spots which may cause you a lot of discomfort around the aforementioned regions.

Jock itch is an infection of the fungi characterized by white small spots that appear all over the testicle sack. According to Mayo Clinic, it is not a serious condition, though mostly found in athletes and overweight people. This is attributed to excessive sweeting that tends to attract the fungus around the testicles. Most people term the condition as itchy which if left untreated may develop into a jock itch rash on the scrotal sack.

6. Fordyce spots or painless spots on testicles sack.

Do you have spots like bumps over the scrotum? Your skin has the ability to produce oil (sebum) from sebaceous glands which keep the skin layer supple and smooth. If you have Fordyce spots, they appear like white bumps around the testicle sack. You are likely to notice small spots only restricted to one area.

Fordyce spots are painless lumps that do not necessarily mean you have an infection or any pathological condition. Clusters of Fordyce spots appear most on the genitals and sometimes raised as bumps about 3mm on the penile shaft or scrotum.

However, if the scrotal sack has a bump from ingrown hair, it could be a sign of sebaceous cyst. You are likely to notice a hard lump around the testicle sack or under the skin of the scrotum. You develop sebaceous yeast from a blocked sebaceous gland, swollen ingrown hair or sometimes when there is too much production of male hormone testosterone.

Are big white spots around scrotum normal?

When you spot a big white spot on the testicles or around the scrotum, this should be a cause for alarm. Only Fordyce spots are normal around the scrotal area, but when a bump start to develop and grows into a something big, it should be checked and evaluated by your family doctor as soon as possible.

Similarly, a bump on testicles of a toddler is also a problem that cannot go unattended. While the white spots or lumps may be able to resolve on their own, sometimes they become hard and stubborn. If after a week or two the white spots are still visible and keep growing, see a family doctor quickly because it could be a benign or rather a cancerous growth.

Small white bumps on testicle sack.

Small white bumps on testicle sack.

How to treat white spots on your testicles, cure to remove scrotum bumps

How do you get rid of white spots on testicles sack? Is it possible to remove them fast? Are there treatments and home remedies that can be used to cure white spots on the scrotum sack? The treatment is solely dependent on the cause of the problem. Below here are different ways to get rid of bumps on your testicles and the genital area.

1.    Antibiotics for treatment of folliculitis

If you get an infection in your skin around the testicles, the bumps on the testicles become swollen and filled with pus. Bacterial infection can cause any kind of discharge which can be a serious health risk.

Antibiotics are normally administered for the removal of the spots around the genitals. If the area feels itchy, apply warm compresses to relieve the itchy feeling.

2.    Corticosteroid injection for inflamed bumps

If the cause of the white spots on testicles are due to a cyst in the sebaceous glands, it may be treated by administering injections. Your doctor may prescribe certain injections to get rid of the inflammation. Synthetic steroid such as Triamcinolone acetonide is enough to relieve the pain.

3.    Surgical treatment to remove large and hard pimple on the testicle sack

Any spot near the testicles that keeps on growing and becomes hard can be removed through safe surgical procedures. The doctor will carry a small surgical incision on the surface of the testicle sac to help remove pus or sebum. This helps to drain any fluid and infected cyst to prevent further recurrent of infections.

4.    Home remedies for white bumps on scrotum – how to cure naturally at home

Natural treatment can also be a sure way of to get rid of white lumps on testicles and genitals. Here’s how to get rid of white pimple naturally at home.

  • Use antibacterial solution to clean the area including the scrotal sack. This can help to remove cells and clogged pores that are likely to be the primary source of the bumps.
  • Put on less fitting underwear, this give room for enough ventilation near the scrotum region and reduces contact to the skin.

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