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Spots on eyeball refers to any kind of discoloration that could be present on your eye surface and one that happens to be visible to other individuals as well. The term is however not used to refer to spots that you at times get to see in your vision, e.g., floaters. It only refers to spots that can be seen on your eye surface.

Below, we are going to look at what causes spots on eyeball, in eyeball, red, dark, black, gray spots, the removal process, as well as how the spots look like in pictures.

Brown Spot on Eyeball

Brown Spot on Eyeball

The eyeball spots can be caused by many varying diseases or conditions. Some of the conditions or diseases can be harmless or serious.  The spots can be yellow, brown, white, pink, or even depending on the causative factor. Harmless events are mainly behind the formation of these spots.

For instance, a powerful sneeze has the potential to break a small superficial blood vessel that would then create a red spot. There are however instances where the spots may indicate a serious underlying issue, e.g., sight threatening eye inflammation or even cancer. You must pursue immediate care from an eye professional if you experience:

  1. Loss of vision
  2. Sudden increase in number of floating spots
  3. If you start seeing flashing lights

Spots in eyeball

Several factors have been known to cause pigmentation changes in a person’s eyes. The most common however is a mole or freckle. The freckle or mole is a collection of pigmented cells that are known as melanocytes. They are located in the eye cover lining.

This pigmented cells may occur at any place on your body surface including inside your eye. They often tend to be benign although there is always a chance that they could develop into melanoma. Melanoma is a serious kind of cancer.

It is, therefore, critical to ensure that spots in eyeball are checked out by a good eye physician. Additional pigmentation causes include:

  • Small bruises—they are common after sustaining minor trauma to your eyes
  • Blood vessel rupture—very common in young children who are physically active.

Spots on my eyeball

When you notice a spot on your eyeball, you will definitely start wondering where it may have come from—as well as whether you should seek medical attention. Eyespots tend to appear in different varying forms. There are instances when they are harmless, and there are cases that may require more comprehensive medical attention.

It is the reason why you need to consult an optometrist as soon as you have noticed the spots start to appear on your eyeballs. The same case will also apply when you notice any changes start to take shape in your eyes.

Dark, Black Spots on eyeball

When a freckle or mole emerges on the white part of your eye, it tends to attract more attention as well as raise concern on whether a person may have an underlying health condition. Freckles in many cases tend to be harmless. You should, however, be concerned about a spot that appears suddenly as it could be a symptom of a malignant cancer.

Dark, Black Spot on Eyeball Picture

Dark, Black Spot on Eyeball Picture

The freckles appearing in your eyeball are collectively known as pigmented tumors. According to the Eye Cancer Network website, congenital nevi spots are the most common, although they are mainly harmless. A biopsy has to be conducted to determine the kind of lesion that is present.

Dry Spots on eyeball

Dry eyes are likely to occur when your tears are evaporating too quickly. They can also come about when your eyes produce tears that are too few. Dry eyes and dry spots on eyeball are two conditions that go hand in hand, and which are very common in humans as well as in certain animals.

It is a condition that can affect a single eye or both of them, and one that mainly leads to eye inflammation. Dry eye syndrome has been seen to occur at different age-groups. It can also occur in people who are very healthy.

Dry spots on eyeball are prevalent among the older people who produce less tears than their younger counterparts. Women also tend to experience the condition more as opposed to men. People living in areas where there is a deficiency of vitamin A are also likely to suffer from the condition.

Common symptoms that manifest among people who have dry spots on eyeball include:

  1. Redness in the eyes
  2. Tearing
  3. Discomfort when wearing the eye contact lenses
  4. Difficulty keeping the eyes wide open
  5. Feeling as though you have sand in the eyes
  6. Stinging or burning sensation inside the eyes

There are individuals who find the pain to be too strong leading to anxiety and frustration. The condition can also make it difficult for you to function properly in your everyday life. Known complications include worsening of the red eyes as well as increased light sensitivity.

Spots on eyeball causes

Area of your eyeball that may develop spots on eyeball or pimples include conjunctivas and the area next to your iris. Growths appearing on the eyeball should not be ignored as they could end up spreading to the outer area of the eye also referred to as the cornea. It is something that can easily impair your vision or site.

Common causes include:

1. Pterygium

It may be the reason why you have a white spot on your eyeball. It is also known as the surfer’s eye as it mainly affects people who surf on a frequent basis. The condition is quite common and will mainly affect people who spend a large chunk of their time in the outdoors.

According to latest research, this condition is perceived as a collection of white bumps that have blood vessels. It can in some cases be accompanied by a burning sensation or itching. Severe cases can lead to blurred vision.

Pterygium risk factors

The primary cause of this condition is not known, but experts believe that the risk factors include:

  • Over exposure to ultraviolet rays will increase your chances of getting the condition
  • Risk factors can include environmental irritants, e.g., smoke, pollen, and wind
  • People who spend much of their time outdoors have an increased chance of being affected

2. Pingueculum or pinguecula

Characterized by the appearance of small raised white bumps, which can be clearly visible when severe. The condition does not cause any pain but will appear as though there is a white deposit on your cornea. Deposits are always visible.

3. UV radiation

Overexposure to UV rays has also been linked to the emergence of spots on eyeball. Spending too much time in the sun will lead to the damage of the thin collagen fibers that are located in your conjunctiva. It then triggers a change in their color.

The fibers that have been damaged will then manifest in the form of bumps. It is what will be noted on your eyeball.

4. Environmental irritants

Additional factors that can lead to the formation of spots or bumps on your eyeball are wind, dust, and sand. Any person who is frequently exposed to such elements will be at an increased risk of developing these spots. It will include people who spend time gardening, golfing, as well as construction workers.

5. Eye injuries

Trauma inflicted directly to your eyeball will definitely cause the emergence of a bump. The spot may be bloodshot or white in color. People in the welding industry are for instance known to suffer from spots on eyeball, especially when they do not wear the protective glasses.

Grey Spots on eyeball

It is important that an ophthalmologist takes a look at any abnormal or unusual pigmentations that could be present on your eyeball. The examination is meant to establish whether your eyeball requires any immediate treatment.

There are various conditions, e.g., amelanotic conjunctival nevi or scleral melanocytosis that could cause this problem.

Grey Spots on Eyeball

Grey Spots on Eyeball

Red Spots on eyeball

It is normal for you to get concerned when you notice a red spot on the eye that has appeared out of nowhere. The white part of your eyes acts as an ideal background for the red spots to be seen. The spots can be easily seen, making it prudent to alert your GP of the presence as soon as possible.

Notifying the doctor helps ensure that the cause is investigated even if the spot is harmless. The spots are caused by:

  • The red spot on your eyeball could be a tiny blood vessel that unfortunately burst open when you were sleeping.
  • When larger blood vessels burst open and begin to bleed, you may notice large spots covering a large portion of the white areas.

Red Spots on white part of eyeball

Sub conjunctival hemorrhage is a term used to refer to the red spots covering the white part of your eyeball. The red spots occur when the delicate blood vessels burst open beneath the tissue that is covering the white part of your eye. It is a benign condition that is not known to cause any eye discomfort or vision related problems.

Even though it is not known what causes this condition, medical experts believe that the following factors can contribute to its emergence:

  • Eye trauma may lead to blood vessels bursting open
  • Sudden increase in your blood pressure due to sneezing, laughing, heavy lifting, as well as constipation
  • Blood thinners or aspirin
  • Vitamin K deficiency
  • Eye surgery

Red Spots on eyeball pictures

Below are pictures on red spots on eyeball that you can use to compare with the red spots on your eyeballs. The pictures can assist you know the kind of condition that is affecting you.

A Red Spot on Eyeball Picture

A Red Spot on Eyeball Picture

Blood - Red Spot In Eyeball Pictures

Blood – Red Spot In Eyeball Pictures

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