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Do you know how to pop your shoulders? Is it necessary to pop your shoulder joints? It is not important to pop or crack the joints of your shoulders. This is only done at will.

Discover more from the information provided in the article below and I hope it will create a proper insight.

How to Pop Your Shoulder Back In Place

The joint that is found between the shoulder and the back is known ball and socket joint. This type of joint is known so since it allows movement of arms in all direction (360 degrees).

The property of moving in all direction makes the shoulder to be susceptible of moving out of place resulting in dislocation. Dislocation can be partial or complete depending on the cause of dislocation.

Here are some steps to bring back a dislocated should in place:

Step one

Clean the affect hand with water and then dry it out using a clean cotton cloth.

Step two

Rub the affected region with alcohol and visit a medical professional for prescription of pain killer injection.

Step three

Let the hand relax and perform massage on the muscle. Maneuvers a little bit the shoulders to loosen the muscles and in case you experience any pain stop it immediately.

Step four

Bend the affected hand at an angle of 90 degrees and then apply the traction force away from you. This will help place back the shoulder to its positions.

Step five

Hold your elbow on the forearm then applies little traction force externally and in case an individual feels the pain then stop. Relax the shoulder and then repeat step four.

Step six

Listen to any popping sound to imply that the ball of the humerus is back in the position. In case the steps won’t work, try manipulating the shoulder blade using scapular manipulation method.

Note: this process is usually done by a professional medical care and not just by anybody.

How to Pop Your Shoulder Blade

You may try to pop your shoulder blade back to its position and instead you may experience shoulder dislocation.

Here are some steps to follow in case you wish to pop back the shoulder blade. The steps include:

Step one

Sit upright and place the dislocated shoulder on the wall. This will help to stabilize the should has you move it around in a traction force.

Step two

Get an assistant to help lift the wrist of the affected hand to the arm until the arm is in a complete horizontal with the wall.

Step three

Place the hand on the collar bone of the dislocated hand and make sure the thumb is on the lowest side of the shoulder blade.  Apply pressure slowly on the shoulder blade toward the middle of the back.

Step four

Now place your hand on the top of the dislocated part of the shoulder blade and exert a little pressure to bring about stabilization as you continue to pull the hands towards yourself.

Step five

Once there is a popping sound then it indicates that the humerus in back into its original position (glenoid).

Note: this should be done by a professional first aider or a medical profession.

How to Pop Your Shoulder like A Chiropractor

Dislocation of shoulders is common during sports or sometimes it may be due to an accident and also a chronic condition.

It is recommended to make a visit to a professional physician in case you notice your shoulder has become crooked.

Most of these physicians are trained as chiropractor. They can bring back crooked knees, smaller joints like that of toes and shoulder joint back to the required position.

Through manipulation and other treatments, someone may be able to attain chiropractic relief of the shoulder pain.

Also, you will be require to do simple exercise on your shoulder before you start work outs to avoid further dislocations.

How to Pop Your Shoulder Out Of Place

In case your shoulder pop out of place, it is obvious you will experience a lot of pain. This condition can happen in two ways i.e where the head of the humerus dislocate completely from the socket while the other way is subluxation. The cure of the condition depend s on the cause.

Follow the simple procedures highlighted below to pop it back:

  • Lay down on the floor to allow your shoulder relaxes. This will enable you pop back the dislocated muscles into position.
  • Maneuver your arm until your elbow moves away from your side.
  • Avoid quick movements as it will result in pain.
  • Try to reach the opposite side of your shoulder until you hear a pop sound.

How to Pop Your Shoulder Joint

This condition will require the use of a doctor and in case you wish to try out on your own, you should be very cautions.

In case you do it inappropriate way, it could end up harming your hand completely. The joint at the shoulder is considered to be one of the most complicated parts on the body.

Bring the right arm behind your head and use your opposite hand to pull the wrist of the affected hand slowly to avoid further dislocation.

How to Crack Your Shoulder Socket

This usually occurs after long periods of stand or bending. Cracking helps to reduce the pain and it may leave you more refreshed.

Here are basic tips to follow and you should be very careful.

  • Crack your own socket by standing upright or sitting on the chair.
  • Apply pressure on the joint with a help of a chiropractic
  • Stretch your shoulder
  • Visit a physician if the symptoms persist

Shoulder Feels like It Needs to Pop but Won’t

This is due to shoulders instability. This condition happens when the ligaments and muscles become weak. In case you are sportsperson, your muscles and ligaments get stretch to the limits resulting pain. If you try to pop it out, it won’t.

How to Crack Your Shoulder and Neck

This may require you to visit a chiropractic who will try to locate the neck and the shoulder dislocation back into position. In case you will wish to do it alone, read more here>>>

How to Get a Knot Out Of Your Shoulder Blade

The shoulder knots are common among sportsperson, it is usually muscle knots. The knots can be painful but simple massage can help get rid of the situations.

Here are some of the simple procedures that involves heat ups, stretch and roll outs. They include:

Step 1

Use a heating pad on the muscle of the shoulder. The heat create warm in muscles thus enhancing muscle relaxation and ease the pain.

Step 2

Shrug the muscles in the shoulder slowly by rolling it up and down in a controlled motion. Redo the movement for about 10minutes in the opposite direction.

Step 3

Hold your hands from behind and then lower them towards your bums slowly. Maintain upright posture and relaxed the shoulders for about 10 seconds. Release the hands and redo the process.

Step 4

You can maintain an upright posture either by standing or sitting and relax the muscles of the shoulder on the floor. Ensure you feel the pool in the triceps and biceps.

Step 5

Grab your hands overhead via the elbow and gently pull your elbow towards the left. Feel the pool within the triceps and release. Repeat the process again while bending towards the left.

Step 6

Hold a small ball that is round on your right hand and roll it over the muscle knot. Do it continuously until you feel within the triceps and release.

Step 7

Increase the pressure while rolling over the knot using the small knot. Exert more pressure until you experience good pain.

Step 8

You can also redo the pressure on the other hand. Complete the procedure or the progression by repeating the stretches.

How to Crack Your Elbow

This usually happens during work out where one may experience elbow crack in succession. To the extreme end you might experience other symptoms such as pain, bruising and dislocation of the elbow joint.

Also, buildup of synovial fluid in your elbow joint can also result in cracking or popping of the elbow after some workouts.

The accumulation of gases in your elbow that may also result in the cracking of the elbow does not require special treatment since it is the side effect of the workouts.

Therefore, it is advisable to stretch your arms well in order to warm the muscles and joint in order to prevent painful strains and dislocations.


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