Scrotal Tongue Picture, Causes and Cures for Scrotal or Cracked Tongue

What does a scrotal tongue mean? Could it be an infection? In this page, we have covered the causes, symptoms and how you can treat a cracked tongue. Included in the post, are images and home remedies to get rid of fissures on tongue.

Fissure on tongue may be seen at any age but as one advances in age, the condition becomes more prevalent and symptoms become even more noticeable. If you have cracked tongue, you may actually fail to notice it, it is an asymptomatic disorder which in most cases the symptoms are noticed at a very mature age.

Fissured tongue

Image of cracked tongue

What is scrotal tongue or fissures on tongue?

Scrotal tongue is also known as fissure tongue which is relatively common with an approximate occurrence of between 2- 5 % of the entire population of the world. Generally the condition is reportedly to appear quite often in male than their female counterpart.

The condition manifest itself as grooves on your tongue, if you notice such changes to the tongue then you are likely a victim of fissured tongue. In some cases the tongue become so wrinkled. You‘ve probably heard of different names describing the tongue taking different shape. Depending on the tongue changing form from is natural shape, it can be described as furrowed tongue, lingua plicata, lingua scrotalis, and even grooved tongue.

It is even hard to tell if your tongue is affected or not, the tongue is usually painless but only with some deep grooves commonly referred to as fissures. Some individual affected with this condition may complain of burning sensation on their taste buds if they eat spiced or acidic food such as salt or vinegar.

Scrotal tongue pictures

What does scrotal tongue looks like? If you have grooves on you our tongue, you develop the condition called fissures on tongue. To help you understand how cracks on the tongue look like or appear, below is a picture of a fissured tongue. We also have more images in the post to help with identification of your symptoms.

Picture of scrotal tongue

scrotal tongue picture

Scrotal tongue causes

The tongue is one of the ever busies organ and the muscles are extensively used to help chewing of food and swallowing. All food ingested passes the tongue before going to the stomach. Can you imagine if your tongue developed some complications! It is obvious your speech will be affected and most importantly mastication of food will be a problem.

In that view, if you develop scrotal tongue due to some underlying medical condition as Down syndrome, it may be worse on your state of health generally.  What causes grooves on tongue? According to medics, the known causes of geographical tongue is not known yet. However, medical experts speculates the following as the causes of fissured tongue.

1.    Taking too much of spicy hot foods and drinks

The reason you a have cracks on your tongue it could be your habit of excessive intake of foods that are spiced. Similarly it has been reported that those with the habit of taking hot foods and beverage end up with furrows on their tongues.

2.    Existing underlying health conditions

Some individuals get fissured tongue as a result of either infection or malnutrition. This can be associated with certain health related conditions. These include:

Melkersson –Rosenthal syndrome

It is a rare neurological disorder that is often characterized by swelling of the face and lips. When you develop this disorder, development of furrows and folds become visible on the tongue. It start as early as in childhood or early teenage age. This syndrome is rare but it is believed to be genetic and causes the lips and tongue to be hard and cracked.

Tongue with furrows

Photo of a tongue with furrrows

Down syndrome

If you have cracked tongue, you are probably suffering from Down syndrome. Individuals with cracked tongues have a close association with Down syndrome.

Geographic tongue

It is also known as benign migratory glossitis (BMG), it is a benign condition that is associated with characteristics of furrows and cracks on tongue. It is an asymptomatic disease, which simply means you can’t tell any symptom. If you are sensitive to hot and foods that have been spiced that is when you can be sure of the existence of the disease.

Scrotal tongue syndrome symptoms

Patients with scrotal tongue rarely notice any symptoms until their dentists tell them. If you this condition, your dentist will examine and diagnosis this condition by looking at your tongue. Patients with fissures on tongue have ridges on the tongue that appears like skin pattern of the scrotum.

Unless the condition is caused by a certain underlying medical condition such as melkersson –Rosenthal or Down syndrome, no serious symptoms have been reported.

Is scrotal tongue contagious?

Does fissured tongue disorder spread from one person to another?  Anyone can develop geographical tongue regardless of their age and race. The current world statistics of the prevalence of this disease is estimated to have reached as high as 21%. In the United States, according to health records, there are about only between 2% to 5% of the population with this fissured tongue.

Does it mean it is a contagious condition? From the statistics, it is clear that if you get the condition you cannot transfer it to another person. This simply means it is NOT a contagious disorder but rather it can be a lifelong condition.

Fissure on tongue with pain and bleeding

Doe fissures on your tongue cause you pain and bleeding?  Fissure on tongue on its own doesn’t cause any pain or bleeding. However, if you have a placated tongue and you start bleeding or experience pain, it could be due to a certain underlying medical condition.

One of the known syndrome that will cause lesion on your tongue and in turn cause pain and bleeding is the oral facial granolomatosis (melkersson –Rosenthal). It is associated with the lips and tongue getting hard and cracking. In more severe cases, ulcers and erosion of the tongue surface will occur and alter the taste buds.

Scrotal tongue cures, treatment and prevention

There is no particular treatment for grooves on tongue. Scrotal tongue is a harmless condition usually the symptoms are rare until a certain advanced age. It is in fact a lifelong disorder.  Surprisingly, most people never notice they have a fissured tongue until they visit a dentist.

However, if you have any symptom or complication that is related to Melkersson –Rosenthal syndrome, it is important you visit a specialist.

Home remedies for scrotal tongue repair

If you have fissures on tongue, no specific treatment is required, but these home remedies can help you prevent getting cracks on tongue:

  • Exercise proper oral hygiene

If you have grooves on your tongue, practice good oral hygiene such as brushing of teeth and top surface of the tongue to remove food particles that remain on tongue and may cause irritation.

  • Avoid eating foods that irritate the tongue

To prevent erosion of the tongue and ulceration, avoid spicy foods and hot beverages. If you are a patient with furrows on tongue you may as well avoid acidic and too much salty foods.

  • Quit smoking and consumption alcohol

If you have to heal fast, avoid consumption of alcohol and smoking. Generally poor oral hygiene cause the condition to stay for long.

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