Does Lysol Kill Bed Bugs? Get Rid of Bed Bug Eggs with Lysol Spray

Does Lysol kill bed bugs and bed bugs eggs? Lysol spray is not only a disinfectant but can also be used to get rid of bed bugs at home. Learn more on how to use Lysol spray to kill bed bugs fast.

If you have been infested by beg bugs, you probably had the worst experience of your life. Bed bugs are stubborn and can get in your hair. They will keep on switching position. Unlike other pests such as fleas and lice that are known to have claws that are specially made for navigating even through the hair, the usual bed bugs do not have these modifications to move freely through the hair.

Use Lysol spray to get rid of bed bugs

Use Lysol spray to get rid of bed bugs

Bedbugs will have to adjust their front claws in specific positions to suck blood through the skin. They find it hard to do this in the human head and the hair. Instead bed bugs find it easier to feed on bare skin. Most people will suffer bites on their faces or the arms and other less hairy places that bed bugs find it easier to feed on.

What is Lysol spray?

Lysol spray is a chemical disinfectant manufactured to help remove viruses and bacteria from our homes. While doing your household chores, we come in contact with viruses and bacteria. Your family is at risk of infections if your home is not properly cleaned and disinfected. Lysol spray can help remove germs on commonly touched palaces.

Additionally, you can use Lysol spray to get rid of bed bugs menace in your home. Does it really work? Lysol products can be used to kill surfaces, clean kitchen surface and get rid of bed bugs at home.

Can Lysol kill bed bugs?

There are many chemical and other treatments that available to kill and get rid of bed bugs permanently. Lysol can be used as disinfectant as well to get rid of bed bugs at home too. If you discover you have bed bugs infestation in your home, find their location before spraying Lysol. You can devise methods to trap the bed bugs, this will ensure you kill them in plenty.

Image of bed bugs

Image of bed bugs infestation

Does Lysol kill bed bugs? Lysol has chemical ingredients that get rid of bed bugs fast. In fact most cases, pests cannot survive in chemically sprayed conditions. However, it is important to note that Lysol will only kill bedbugs when directly sprayed on them. This simply means, you need a lot of spraying to kill more of the bed bugs fast.

Lysol spray to kill bed bugs

Can Lysol kills bed bugs? There are multiple strategies to get rid of bed bugs at home. You can not underestimate the ability of Lysol spray to kill bed bugs. The important critical factor is to use Lysol spray to a great number of bed bugs. As pointed out earlier, majority of bed bugs will hide as soon as the feel the scent of the Lysol spray.

This may create an illusion that they are all dead. Finding their hideouts should be the first step before spraying randomly. The effectiveness of Lysol spray reduces as soon as it dries up. This makes it less dependable if you find yourself working on a low kitchen budget.

Does Lysol kill bed bugs fast and safely?

If you suspect bed bugs presence in your home, worry not. Lysol does kill bedbugs and so do many disinfectant chemicals in your home. However, the trick to have many bed bugs killed is locate their hidings and spray directly on them as much as you can. When the bed bugs are immersed in the Lysol spray, they get suffocated and end up dying instantly.

You may as well combine Lysol with other strategies to get rid of bedbugs completely. For instance, use steam water to drive out the bed bugs from their hideouts. Common hiding places for bed bugs include: wall crevices, drawer of the desks, furniture and window frames.

It is important to steam the bed bugs before spraying Lysol on the bed bugs, otherwise you risk vaporizing the spray. This can be fatal to your to your health specifically your respiratory system. While spraying remember that Lysol works well in wet condition, do not leave anything to chance.

Lysol disinfectant spray and pest control

You can use Lysol disinfectant to spray bed bugs and other pests. Lysol is not only a disinfectant to clean kitchen surfaces and ward off viruses and bacteria, but it can also get rid of bed bugs naturally. Once you spot the bed bugs location, spray the bed bugs. This simple home remedy helps to exterminate these stubborn pests completely.

Always keep in mind that Lysol kills bed bugs best in wet conditions, as soon as the spray dries up, the effect on those bed bugs still surviving will be minimal. In case you are spraying your bedroom, it is important to enclose your mattresses and pillows. This helps you to find majority of the bedbugs and limit the bed bugs from finding escape route easily.

Does Lysol kill bed bug eggs?

Using Lysol to repel bed bugs may work to get rid of them. However, killing moving bed bugs is not a sure that they are all dead. Bed bugs can lay unseen eggs in your mattresses and pillows. If you have to kill all the bed bugs, ensure the eggs too are destroyed to stop new life from developing just some months after spraying.

Image of bed bug bites

Image of bed bug bites

Lysol might not be effective to kill the bed bugs eggs but you can use other combination to get rid of traces of eggs. Use hot water steam to destroy the eggs, hot conditions from steam will completely destroy the eggs and the life cycles of bed bugs.

How to Use Lysol Spray to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs infestation can really be a menace and cause you sleepless nights. You can use Lysol spray to get rid of the infestation of bed bugs. Here’s how to use.

Use Lysol spray to get rid of bed bugs

Get rid of bed bugs fast using Lysol spray

  1. Clear out as much litter as possible.
  2. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove hidden bed bugs in crevices and cracks. This helps to remove even the eggs and larvae.
  3. Encase your mattresses and pillows.
  4. Spray using the Lysol to kill adult bed bugs, their eggs and larvae.

Lysol disinfectant spray warnings

Dealing with pesticides and other insect repellants is dangerous to your health. According to Dr. Oz post in his blog, you should NOT try to exterminate bed bugs yourself. The pest might not be dangerous and do not carry the diseases but the chemicals in Lysol have harmful effects to your health and your family too.

While using Lysol spray to try and kill pests in the house, it is important to know the ingredients in Lysol. You expose yourself to significant health risks more than any other product meant for disinfestation. Lysol has denatured ethanol that can affect your eye sight, or the mucous membrane of the eye. If the Lysol spray is ingested or inhaled it can affect your central nervous system too.

Only professionals in pest control should be allowed to fumigate your house or office. If you choose to get rid of bed bugs at home, you should seek advice from the trained experts. Otherwise the ingredients in Lysol spray are toxic and has been linked to cause serious health conditions such as bronchitis, pulmonary edema and even cancer.

It is recommended to call a professional to have the work done safely.

Lysol disinfectant spray for baby’s room

Lysol kills bed bugs at home, including germs in your baby’s room. Lysol disinfectant spray is significant in removing unseen germs from your baby’s room. Some of the commonly touched surfaces can be the source of infections for children or toddlers. Similarly, Lysol helps to repel pests such as bed bugs, which can be harmful for your baby’s growth.

Here is a video on how to kill bed bugs at home

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