How to Get Rid Of Flu in 24hours, Symptoms, Adults, Cold Sore, Food, Naturally

Do you know what causes flu or cold? Get more insight on how to get rid of flu in 24hours, overnight, fast and naturally.

The information below is essential to help you know how to curb or ease the symptoms associated with the condition.

How to Get Rid Of Flu Symptoms Overnight

These include the following:

Go for hot shower every morning

Although frequent steamy showers and hot bath are not advisable since they causes appearance of dry and flaky skin. But at this moment moderate hot shower helps to clear stuffiness you experience by sleeping flat at night.

The steam from the shower and the humidity enhances the loosening of mucus that are clogged into your nose and also clear out the sinuses to enhance smooth breathing.

Use elderberry syrup

The syrup consists of anti-viral properties which help you to boost the body immune system. The syrup can be obtained from any drug store that is recognized by the state laws.

You will be expected to take two teaspoons three times a day to help lessen the intensity and period of a cold or flu will take to heal. This condition is airborne and therefore, everyone is more prone of getting them.

Consume more of proteins –eggs and lemonade tea

Protein contains all the important items that are needed by the body to fight any infection. Eggs are considered to be the best protein since they are composes of all the nine essential amino acids.

Taking lemonade tea with eggs helps to enhance healing process of the cold or flu symptoms associated with them. You can also mix honey in the tea to make more effective.

Consume zinc based foods like chickpeas and pumpkin seeds

These foods are full of zinc that provides the body with strong immune system in order to respond to the infection and reduce inflammation.

The studies show that, taking food full of zinc during the night of fluor cold, it reduces the intensity and also shortening the period of infection. In case the flu or the cold becomes severe, I recommend you visit a medical professional.

Drink plenty of clean water

In case of any form of illness, hydration is very important.  During flu or cold infection, it increases the amount of water evaporation from the body which increases higher risk of dehydration.

Adequate intake of water helps your body to respond by flushing out clogged mucus in your nose and throat. It is recommended to drink plenty of water during this period of infection.

Do exercise

Jogging and doing some little exercise increases the body energy and this will help you ease the symptoms associated with the flu or cold. These exercises help to open the nasal passage and enhance deep breathing.

Also, it increase amount of certain beneficial bacteria in the body intestines that are said to be essential in fighting the infection and improves the body immune system.

Drink Chicken Soup

The soup made from chicken contains chemicals that help to relieve or cease the inflammation in the body.  A study published from the journal Chest found shows that the chicken soup helps fight the infection causing the flu or the cold.

Clear your nose and throat

If you do experience mucus that does not drain, you are likely to experience fester during the night. Therefore, during that time of night you end up getting the infection.

It is recommended to gargle saline solution during pre-bedtime to help flush out the bacteria causing the infection from the body.

Hit the sack

It is important to have adequate or enough sleep time in order to help your body respond to the infection faster. Rest is important since it enhance the draining of the sinuses making the nasal passage open and clear.

How to Get Rid Of the Flu Fast For Adults

Flu is considered to be a viral infection that affects the respiratory system of a person.  It can take duration of about one week for it to go away and therefore, it does not require a serious intervention.

Here are some of the ways on how to get rid cold or flu fast:

Use of home based remedies

This may involve the following:

  1. Use of steam

Flu is associated with nasal and sinus clogging or congestion. The steam helps to loosen the mucus congestion and also provide moisture to relieve the dry nasal passage.

  1. Use a Neti pot

This helps in clearing the nasal passage by thinning and flushing the sinuses by use of saline solution. This pot is readily available on all website as an ad and you can obtain it by purchasing online.

  1. Gargle with salt water

This method helps to ease the symptoms especially dry or sore throat. The salt in the solution is antiseptic and this helps to fight the infection as water enhances the hydration of the throat.

  1. Allow a mild fever to run its course

This helps the body immune system to fight the infection from within and in case it becomes severe visit your family doctor for examination. The fever enhances heating up of the body thus increasing temperature that makes it unfavorable for the virus causing the infection to thrive.

  1. Blow your nose as often as possible

This does not mean you blow your nose hard but in a moderate way that will not hurt you. This process helps to get rid of excess mucus from your sinuses and nasal passages when attacked with flu.

Note: Avoid inhaling back mucus into the nose since it may result in sinus pressure and earaches.

Self-care remedies

These involve the following methods:

1. Have adequate rest

When you are attacked by the flu, you will require having adequate rest to help your body to recover more quick. But in case you denied your body rest during this illness, the flu will last for long duration and the intensity will increase.

2. Keep yourself warm

This will increase the body temperature which in turn will increase the body recovery process. It is therefore important to make your house warmer so that it warms up you. There are so many ways on how to increase warmness like wearing a fuzzy robe among others.

3. Stay at home

When you are sick, it is important to stay at home in order to help your body generate more energy and recuperate faster. Also, the flu makes you weaker when you avoid staying at home to have enough rest.

4. Drink plenty of fluids

Constant blowing of your nose and body fever one experiences, it is likely to cause dehydration in the body due to evaporation.

This can make the symptoms to be worse and it can also result into worse symptoms like headaches and a dry, irritated throat. Therefore, it is recommended to take more water into the body to maintain the require hydration standards.

Medical remedy and prescriptions

The best way to cure flu fast is by visiting a medical professional. The treatment might involve injection or administration of prescriptions depending on the severity of the symptoms.

Here are some of the prescriptions administered:

a) Take oral decongestants

This will help remove congestion in the nasal passage and also helps to shrink the swollen blood capillaries in the nasal membrane. These prescriptions have several side effects and that is way it is recommended to consult a medical professional.

b) Use spray decongestants

There are also certain nasal sprays that help to decongest the nasal passage and in turn provide immediate relieve of the symptoms of the flu.

c) Try pain relievers and fever reducer

In case you experience pains, fever and aches, you can go for over the counter painkillers to help relieve or ease the condition.

d) Use a cough suppressant

This will help in case you experience severe coughing due to the infection causing the flu. Most of these tablets have some side effects and it is recommended to consult a medical professional for examination.

e) Try an expectorant

This help to get rid of chest congestion which is a common symptom associated with flu infection in the body.  These drugs help to loosen the mucus and reduce the amount of mucus in the body.

How to Make a Cold Go Away Overnight

In case you realize that you experience scratchy and tingling nasal cavities, then cold has begun. Here are some tips that can help you get rid of cold overnight. They include:

  • Eat raw garlic
  • Try to use supplements
  • Take chicken soup to ease the symptoms
  • Remain hydrated by taking more water
  • Try using apple cider vinegar
  • You can wear wet socks

Get Rid Of a Cold Sore in 24 Hours

Cold sores can be painful and unattractive. They begin as blisters and eventually form crusty scabs during healing process. This condition is caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV) and it is said to be contagious.

Here are some of the home base remedies to help get rid of cold sore overnight.

1. Apply ice

Icing a cold sore helps to reduce inflammation which in turn reduce blood flow to the sore. It also helps to ease the pain and any form of swellings.

2. Avoid touching the cold sore

Let the sore crust completely without touching since touching will spread the infection. The infection is highly contagious so keep away from coming in touch with any substance that has been in contact with.

3. Drink Echinacea Tea

This is an immune system stimulator to those individuals with weak immune system. It is used to treat cold sores appearance on the corners of the mouth.

4. Apply Vanilla Oil

The extract has anti-inflammatory property that helps to heal the cold sore and minimize the pain. The oil has some ingredients that fight the infection causing the symptoms and also fasten the healing process.

5. Apply Aloe Vera Gel

The gel contain antioxidant components such as hormones, vitamins, fatty acids, enzymes, and minerals that assist in preventing further infection and also facilitate healing process.

6. Use supplement that has vitamin C

These supplements help to boost the immune system especially white blood cells. This will make them to be more effective in preventing the body against bacteria or viral infection.

7. Increase amount of zinc intake

This mineral is essential in the body since it helps improve the immune system, maintain proper health and reduce inflammation in the body. Consult your family physician before using any capsule that contains zinc ions.

8. Consume more of vitamin C

This type of vitamin is known to sooth the skin and eases any discomfort caused by the sores. It is also known to play some vital role in the body such as repair of any damage skin tissues as well as ease inflammation.

How to Get Rid Of a Cold in 2 Hours

Common cold can result in a lot of discomfort. The infection might not be serious but curing common cold fat is through early detection.

You will be expected to take certain precautions and quick as possible in order to curb it. Here are some of the precautions:

  • Raise the amount of consumption of vitamins in your diet
  • Soothe your throat using natural honey
  • Make sure your nasal passage is clear
  • Make sure you also relax and rest well

Note: the infection is caused by virus and it is not advisable to use antibiotics to help cure the infection.

Flu Remedies Food

There is very little that can be done about cure of flu and cold. Fortunately, there are some foods, drinks and herbs that can play vital role in healing this infection that has invaded the body.

Some of the common form of foods to use includes:

  • Liquids such as clean water, lemonade juice and decaffeinated tea
  • Chicken soup
  • Ginger homemade juice
  • Yoghurt and citrus fruits
  • Honey

How to Make the Flu Go Away

What is flu and how do you make the flu to go away fast? The flu is associated with coughing, sneezing, and sniffling. Unfortunately there are no common treatments for flu or cold but here are some moves that can help ease the symptoms and make them go away.

They include:

1. Prioritize rest over work

When you are ill, your body will work extra hard in order to fight the infection and this will consume a lot of energy from the body. Therefore, during this time you will be expected to prioritize rest than going for work to avoid exhausting the energy reserved for healing.

2. Go to bed early

This will help you to relax and regain energy for the body as it tries to fight the infection. Also, it is important to have a nap during the day in case the symptoms are giving you sleepless night.

You can also use more pillows at night to raise your head up in order to reduce and ease some pressure from sinus. This will also enhance proper breathing.

3. Drink plenty of fluids

Drinking plenty of water makes your body hydrates and also enhances thinning of your mucus. This process will also promote breaking of congestion in the nasal passage.

4. Gargle with saltwater

This process will help loosen the mucus and promote healing of the swellings in the nostril. You can mix one tablespoon of salt with warm clean water and gargle several times.

5. Sip a hot beverage

The heat from the drinks helps to relieve the cold symptoms like sore throat and fatigue. It is advisable to avoid using caffeinated substances.

6. Take a spoonful of honey

They help to sticky and coat the sore throat and sooth it to avoid coughing. This will make you have a comfortable bedtime.

7. Take a hot shower

Taking a steamy bath helps you to loosen and make thins mucus from your nostril. This will help in reducing nose congestion. The heat from the shower will also help in easing the muscle pains and aches caused by the infection.

8. Take chicken soup

According from the research, chicken soup will help to combat inflammation or reduce fever in the body. This soup may help to relieve some of the symptoms associated with infection such as aches and stuffiness.

How to Get Rid Of the Flu Naturally

It is also important to visit a medical professional in case of any major or serious illness. But for mild infection, you can use kitchen based remedies to ease the discomfort caused by the infection.

Here are some of the natural remedies for flu or cold.

Raw garlic

It is known to contain properties that have the ability to help the body heal quickly from an infection. Use a motor to mince the raw garlic and mixed it with water then drink. You can also add honey or maple syrup to make more effective and also to tone down the taste.

Face Steam

Boil some herbs such as thyme, rosemary and oregano in a large pot then cover it with a lid. After sometime, remove the lid and cover yourself in the steam so that it hits your face.

The steam helps to loosen the clogging of mucus in your nasal passage and throat. In the process it helps in soothing the throat and sinuses since the discomfort have been eased.

Herbal teas

The use of herbal tea such as chamomile and peppermint helps in easing the discomfort and also, soothing the infection. I recommend you drink herbal teas more frequently to help ease any illness in the body.

Lemon juice or ginger

The mixture of lemon juice and ginger helps to sooth illness that entails respiratory issues or sore throat. You can boil the juice of lemon and ginger in water and drink every morning to help ease the symptoms associated with cold or flu.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Although it has a strong taste, it is helpful in soothing the sore throat. Add a tablespoon of vinegar in water and drink in the morning. You can also add honey to remove the taste of apple cider vinegar.


This natural herb that is used to ease the symptoms of infection resulting in cold or flu. The research shows how it helps to get rid of flu in 24 hours or less. Therefore, I recommend using it every morning but in case the symptoms persist for longer duration, consulting your family doctor is important to.

Vitamin C

During illness caused by flu or cold, consumption of plenty of vitamin C is important. They help improve the body immune system thus reducing the duration and intensity of the infection to.

Detox Baths

This bath helps to reduce the discomfort caused by the illness but not in speeding up the healing process. In case of mild or minor symptoms associated with the illness, you can go for this form of bath.

Bone broth and soup

These are remedies that have been used since the ancient period to treat some form of illness in the body.  The soup and broth contain some ingredients that help to faster the healing process and ease the symptoms associated with any form of illness.

Drink adequate water

It is recommended to remain hydrated during any form of illness and also have enough sleep or rest. Hydration helps the body natural healing process. Consult your family doctor in case the infection becomes more persistent.

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