How to Grow Pubic Hair Long, Fast Naturally after Shaving, without Itching, for Charity

Did you know you can grow pubic hair for charity? Here is how to grow pubic hair fast. The growth of pubic hair is a sign of maturity and growth. While some people might be interested in growing groin hair others find it odd and unhygienic to keep it. Pubic hair can be grown naturally, after shaving and without itching. If you intend to grow pubic hair for charity fast, then find a comprehensive discussion on how you can possibly do that.

You might have tried to figure out how to grow pubic hair fast. It is encouraging but frustrating at the same time. The onset of pubic hair is a symbol of growth usually start at puberty in most cases. In order to figure out how you can grow bikini hair, you should understand what causes the hair to grow.

how to grow pubic hair

It is claimed that pubic hair grows slower than the rest of the body hair

The human body produces hormones that regulates the growth of hair. The hormones become more active once you start approaching the teen age. The balance of this hormones, like the testosterone influences the growth of groin hair.

When should you grow pubic hair?

The growth of pubic hair is influenced by hormones in our bodies. As the body grows a lot of developments happens which changes our physical structure in both male and female. This happens at puberty where the hormonal levels change and become stimulated. It is during this stage where our bodies become sensitive to the hormone testosterone, which is found in both boys and girls. This hormone makes hair to grow under your arms and around the pubic area. For many girls, the pubic hair grows pubic hair faster than the armpit hair.

As you approach the late stages of puberty, the groin hair becomes thicker and curlier. It is this point where you might decide to keep the hair or shave it. You may keep it for some special occasion such as the charity.

Why doesn’t pubic hair grow long?

Does your pubic hair grow slower or won’t grow at all? The pubic hair is influenced by androgen hormones like the testosterone as pointed earlier. While some people may have long and thick hair around the pubic others experience short and sometimes the hair won’t grow at all. What could be the reason of such disparity? One of the reason noted is hormonal deficiency.

If the body does not produce enough androgen hormone, the growth of pubic hair is inhibited. According to Dr.Oz, short, coarse and curly pubic hair do not get a chance to grow to desired heights. As found out, such hair have short growth period normally six months. The hair follicles around the pubic area dies and hair tend to fall out.

Does pubic hair grow thicker after shaving?

If you intend to keep your pubic area smooth and hairless, shaving regularly or waxing is the way to go. There has been a misconception about shaving the pubic hair and whether it makes the groin hair grow even thicker. Does shaving makes the hair around the pubic area grow thicker?

Shaving does not make the groin hair grow thicker contrary to the public view. It is an illusion that people tend to perceive to be true. Shaving only makes the hair follicles edges appear blunt and thicker. In such a scenario, it is easier for the hair to break into the skin and consequently produce ingrown hair or what is commonly known as razor bumps.

Does shaving make hair grow faster? The fact is, after shaving hair will not either grow back faster or slower than it did before you shaved. You are likely to see the changes faster which is in most cases mistaken for thicker hair. Similarly shaving or waxing does not make your hair become thicker. Your body has a set number of hair follicles and you should know that no new ones are created. It simply means there will be no more hair.

Any other hair removal technique such as waxing, clipping, threading or laser treatment do not make the hair grow thicker or darker. Your pubic hair is sensitive to these techniques and in most cases it makes the area itchy which brings a scratchy feeling. If you intend to shave to make the hair the hair thicker or darker that will never happen.

Shaving the bikini area more often can affect the skin around this region. Hair removal techniques can have some health risks such as:

growing pubic hair without itching

Shaving pubic hair can cause razor bumps.

  • razor burns
  • itching
  • nicks
  • blisters/pimples
  • genital infections
  • ingrown hairs/bumps
  • folliculitis

How to grow pubic hair long

Can you grow your groin hair long and more? It is actually possible to grow your long and more if you follow this simple procedure.

Massaging to grow pubic hair long

Can massaging make the bikini hair grow long? Massaging helps to stimulate blood flow around the groin. This has a superb effect on the hair follicles since they are in turn stimulated thereby promoting growth of hair. Here’s the procedure:

  1. You may choose to lay on a mat or a bed. Choose a convenient way to have the massaging done. A great place is always in the shower.
  2. With your bikini area exposed, gradually start massaging the area in area circular motion using your fingers. This should last for a period of more than one minute until you feel a warm sensation.
  3. To make the hair grow fast, you will be required to repeat the procedure thrice per day for fifteen minutes.


The aim is to increase blood flow to the pubic area and encourage hair growth. The steam will open the hair pores and by continuously massaging you stimulate blood. This procedure should be able to increase better chances of more and long pubic hair.

Growing Pubic Hair for Charity

Would you quit your shaving or waxing habit for a good cause? Men around the world especially in UK start growing their moustaches towards the month of November in support of charity. The aim is to create awareness and mobilize more men to join in fighting prostate cancer.

Similarly, the Canada Cancer Society is a public health campaign that asks women to trim their pubic hair to creative design. The aim is to seek for donors from friends and relatives to raise money for (ovarian) cancer research and awareness.

Growing pubic hair during puberty

Puberty is on the onset of sexual growth and development. The body starts to experience physical changes and you begin to look like a real grown up. Can pubic hair grow during puberty? Pubic hair in boys grows at the age of between 10-15 years where as in girls it start at the age of 13. However, due to some reasons, some have early /precocious while others get it late.

Growing Pubic Hair After Menopause

Can you grow pubic hair after menopause? The growth of pubic is determine by the levels of hormone testosterone. The levels tend to diminish as one advance in age towards menopause. With such a drop, the level of other androgens particularly the DHEA also decreases.

After menopause, the pubic hair starts to thin and hair loss falls too. Other cause of pubic hair thinning is decreased thyroid function which can too affects the hair growth on scalp.

Does Rogaine grow pubic hair?

Hair loss can really be traumatizing especially for women and the young girls. How do you grow pubic hair using Rogaine? Rogaine sometimes referred to as minoxidil was initially designed for blood pressure. However, it was found out that when taken orally it led to led hair growth.

Researchers found out that when applied to the head, hair grew. Rogaine use can lead to hair growth anywhere including the forehead, back of the hands and cheeks.

How to grow back pubic hair without itching

Whether you shave or wax or apply any other hair removal technique, hair grows back. However, it can be itchy especially after shaving. So how do stop itching after shaving pubic hair? Proper shaving and ensuring you keep the bikini line moisturized should be the solution. Here is how to have a smooth shave without itching when the hair begins to grow back.

  1. Keep your body hydrated and this should also include your inner body. Take as much water as you can daily.
  2. Always use a moisturizing soap/shaving cream or gel.
  3. Once you are done shaving, wash and rinse the area to remove any hair or any of the shaving products used.
  4. Dry with a clean towel.

How to grow pubic hair naturally or home remedies to grow pubic hair

Do you intend to grow your pubic hair naturally or better apply some home remedies? You should understand that the growth of pubic hair is influenced by hormones and therefore this is a biological process. Here are some of the tips to stimulate the growth of pubic hair:

  1. Eat a healthy diet. A good diet that has vitamins and proteins will facilitate the groin hair. Simple biology tells us hair and other structures are made up of protein and keratin.
  2. Try using DHEA supplements. Taking dehadropiendrosterone (a steroid hormone) produced by the body by the adrenal glands acts as precursors to testosterone and estrogen will boost the growth of pubic hair.

Tips and ways to grow pubic hair faster or in a week

Can pubic hair grow faster or in a week? The growth of hair on human body is influenced by hormones and the general health of a person. However, you may try the following simple techniques to grow your groin hair in a week.

  1. Sleep well and avoids any stressful activities. It has been noted the levels of hair growth depends on the DHEA hormones in the body. If you do not have enough sleep, the level of DHEA reduces and this slows down the overall growth of pubic hair.
  2. Massaging the pubic area. If you have to get maximum results in a week or less, develop a daily routine of massage of the bikini for about 10 minutes. Hair follicles will grow faster if the skin around the pubic area is rubbed.

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