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What is the cause of underarm cyst? Does armpit cyst signify a medical underlying condition such as cancer? Armpit cysts can be painful especially if they are infected. In this post, we have covered information on the causes, symptom, how to remove, pop and treat with various home remedies.

What does it mean when you have an armpit cyst? How do you get a cyst? These are probably some of the questions bothering you. Cysts are skin condition, appearing as closed pockets of tissues that tend to be filled with pus, fluid or any other material. These cysts are common on skin and can appear anywhere affecting both male and female regardless of their ages.

You can get cysts through infections, clogging of oil glands (sebaceous glands) or as a result of an underlying medical condition including cancer. Cysts can be painless unless they burst or become inflamed or infected. Most cysts under the skin surface do not heal on their own without the aid of treatment. Cysts can be popped to drain fluids to relieve symptoms. We shall discuss more of this under treatment.

Underarm cyst symptoms

What are the symptoms of armpit cysts? Underarm cyst appear as pockets of tissues usually filled with fluid, pus or any other material. Cysts located on the armpits can be irritating and painful when they get burst inflamed or infected. Most cysts underarm are harmless, painless and will disappear on their own without treatment.

The cyst can feel like large or small peas under the skin depending on the underlying cause. Obviously, cysts will take the shape of an abnormal lump raised on the surface of the skin under the armpit. Other symptoms include a painless lump that tend to grow slowly and they also feel smooth when touch rolling under the skin surface.

Armpit cyst pictures

How do underarm cysts look like? To help you understand, below is a photo or image of armpit cyst. We have more of cysts in armpit picture inserted in the post to help you identify well with the symptoms.

Armpit Cyst Picture

Armpit Cyst Picture

What causes Armpit cyst?

Cysts underarm are harmless meaning they do not pose any threat to health unless the cysts are associated to a medical condition like cancer. There are many reasons behind the cysts developing under your arm. Below are some of the possible causes of a cyst in your armpit.

1. Shaving and Antiperspirants

Shaving and uses of antiperspirants can be the reason you armpit is having a cyst. This is commonly seen in adolescent since they have just begun to shave their armpit hair. The deodorants has chemicals that can cause irritation under arm. Poor shaving techniques can lead to development of cyst in armpit in both teens and adults.

2. Bacterial infection

The human harbors bacteria that tend to get into the skin through openings or cuts. Armpit cysts are majorly caused by bacterial infections. As a result of bacterial invasion in the skin in armpit, people end up with swollen lymph nodes. The common bacteria that can cause cysts underarm include the streptococcal and staphylococcal.

These infections are easy to treat with proper medication. In most cases, your doctor will prescribe antibiotics to cure the infection healing the cyst.

3. Fungal and Viral infections

Another possible common cause of underarm cyst could be fungal or viral infections. If you have viral infections such as shingles, chicken pox, mononucleosis or HIV, you are likely to end up with a cyst in the armpits. These infection tend to weaken the immune system. There are treatment available for such infections. Antifungal and antiviral drugs or injections are recommended to get rid of armpit cysts due to viral and fungal infections.

4. Allergic reaction to vaccinations

Vaccination for certain diseases can lead to allergic reactions thus developing underarm lumps. Conditions like typhoid, rubella, measles, small pox, mumps or any other similar related illness can lead to enlarged lymph nodes and cysts under the armpit due to vaccines. Cyst due to vaccination from the mentioned conditions usually go away with time.

5. Fibrocystic breast changes

This is phenomenon is prevalent in women especially before the onset of menstrual cycles. Women who suffer from this condition tend to have tender or lumpy from the breast tissue and likely to extend to the tissue under the armpit. It will feel like there is cyst under the armpit. Fibrocystic breast changes right before menstrual doesn’t cause harm and will often go away with time.

6. Hidradenitis suppurativa

Also known as acne inversa is a skin disease that causes abscesses and scarring on the skin. The most affected areas include the groin, buttocks, armpits and breasts. Painful cyst underarm can be associated with this condition. It is a rare skin condition whose exact cause is yet to be established affected an estimated 1% of the population.

Painful Armpit Cyst Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Painful Armpit Cyst Hidradenitis Suppurativa

The symptoms ranges from a red boil-like lumps, blackheads, cysts, scarring and tunnels in the skin surface that leak pus. The lumps or spots are commonly found around the groins, breasts and under the armpits. Although the cause is unclear, the cysts or bumps are believed to be due to blocked sweat glands and hair follicles. The condition is not infectious and it is associated with a problem with immune system. Poor armpit hygiene can cannot cause this condition.

According to British Association of Dermatologist, the condition may be linked to Crohn’s disease and patients who suffer from autoimmune disorder.

7. Armpit cyst cancer

The presence of armpit cyst can be a signal of cancer. Cysts can occur du to cancer such as Hodgkin’s lymphoma, known as cancer of the lymph tissue, or Non-Hodgkin’s, cancer of lymphoid tissue. Early detection can lead to successful treatment of cancer in the armpit. If you notice a lump in armpit, it is important to visit your healthcare provider for diagnosis.

8. Lipoma

Underarm cyst could be lipoma. If the cyst is small, soft to touch and not painful at all, this could be lipoma that look like a cyst in the armpit. Lipoma are benign lumps that grow under the surface of the skin. If you notice these lumps growing becoming larger, and begin to hurt, visit your healthcare provider for checkup.

9. Autoimmune Disorder

Cysts under the surface of the skin including your armpit can be caused by autoimmune disorders. According to American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association (AARDA), over 50 million American are affected. A cyst develops when your immune system decides to attack healthy cells.

Autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematous are linked with development of armpit cysts.

Painful cyst under armpit

Cyst under the surface of skin are generally painless or do not hurt at all. Pain from cysts can be uncomfortable minimizing the movement of the affected arm. Painful underarm cyst is a signal of infection or inflammation. When a cyst get rupture, you are likely to end up with some pain. You should consider anti-inflammatory medication to reduce pain and inflammation.

Painful Lump in Armpit Cyst

Painful Lump in Armpit Cyst

A painful cyst due to infection can be treated through the use of antibiotics. Some home remedies such as the warm compress can be used to drain an infected cyst. In some severe cases, surgery will be done to entirely remove the cyst underarm.

Infected armpit cyst

Cysts under the skin in armpit can sometimes get infected or inflamed. In most cases, infection arises when you try to squeeze, pop or drain the cyst. An open, burst or ruptured cyst attracts entry of bacteria leading to inflammation. An infected cyst in the armpit tend to painful, tender, red and warmth feeling on the skin around. Home remedies can help reduce the infection. In the post under treatment, we will cover a quite number of home treatment for underarm cysts.

Infected Underarm Cyst

Infected Underarm Cyst

Small underarm cyst

Cysts under the skin are generally small pocket of tissue filled with fluid, pus or any other material. These small boil-like cyst can be caused by any of the causes discussed above. Tiny or little cysts are likely to be lipoma that can grow large with time.

Small Armpit Cyst

Small Armpit Cyst

Cyst under armpit treatment

A cyst in the armpit that refuses to go away, can be treated with medical treatment as well home remedies.

Medical treatment for armpit cyst

Most cyst under the skin are small and will go away on their own without necessary treating. However, some are large and need the expertise of a doctor. Here are the medical options for treating a cyst under your arm.

  • Antibiotics are generally used especially if the cause is known to be bacterial.
  • Cysts that are pus filled, large and painful can be drained with the help of a doctor. A needle is used to drain the fluids.
  • Surgical procedure can also be performed to remove a cyst underarm. A lump that is suspected to be cancerous can be removed by surgery before a biopsy is done.
  • Laser treatment is used to vaporize underarm cyst. This is done to reduce the risk of scarring.

Underarm cyst removal, surgical removal

If the cyst under your armpit grows too large, hurts and causes you discomfort, then surgical removal will be the best treatment option. A large cyst under the armpit can hinder you from doing your normal activities especially if pain is associated. Laser treatment is also another available options for cysts removal. This technique helps to vaporize the lump minimizing scarring.

How to pop, drain armpit cyst

Although underarm cysts are harmless and usually go on their own without necessarily treatment, you can pop and drain cysts to relieve symptoms associated with it. This can be done professionally by a medical doctor or with home remedies. If the cyst is large and contain pus, your doctor will have to drain the pus and other fluids using a needle.

To drain or squeezing an armpit cysts can lead to an infection. However, a sebaceous cyst can be popped and drained at home. Here’s how to drain a cyst with warm compress:

  • Soak a towel in hot water
  • Wring the excess water from the towel
  • Press the towel gently on the affected area
  • This will help to drain the cyst
  • For a ruptured cyst, wash the affected are with antibacterial soap, apply antibacterial lotion using a cotton ball. Cover the area with to keep off dirt. Visit a doctor for further treatment.

Home remedies for Armpit Cyst

There are numerous home remedies to cure a cyst underarm.

Do NOT squeeze, pop or drain a cyst at home, this can lead to an infection.

If the lump underarm is due to sebaceous cyst, you can apply warm compress. Place a towel dipped in hot water on the affected area. This will help to drain fluid filled in the cyst.

Once the cyst is ripen, gently pop and drain it. Wash the affected armpit with antibacterial soap to keep it free from bacteria.

Underarm Cyst Removal Video

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