Is Coconut Oil Good for Burns? How to Use it to Treat and Heal Burns on Skin

Did you know you can use coconut oil for burns? Burns can take quite some time to treat and some end up being stubborn. In this article, find a comprehensive discussion on how to use coconut oil heal different categories of burns. You will also learn how to use coconut oil for skin and chemical burns.

Burns on the body can be very painful and make you feel uncomfortable for some times until the burn get healed completely. Depending on the degree, some burns can be fatal and hard to treat using home remedies. However, most of the burns that are minor require simple treatment with self –care measures.

Coconut oil for burns

You can use Coconut Oil to treat first degree burns

Burns are categorized into three groups depending on the damage extent and level of damage. The minor degrees which can be treated at home fall in the first and some times in the second category. Such burns are not severe to warrant specialized treatment.

First degree burns affects the outermost skin layer and can easily be treated. They are less severe and only cause pain and redness of the skin. On the other hand, if you experience second degree of burns, part of the outermost skin layer will be affected and the burn tends to get deep into the flesh affecting the blood vessels.

However, if you have a burn that is deep into the flesh and damages a mass of tissues, you require special care. This category of burns is severe and gets deep, damaging blood vessels and most of the underlying tissues. Your glands, bones and nerves are prone to the damage. In most case, the third category of burns has caused numerous death in fires.

Is coconut oil good for burns?

Have you tried using coconut oil to treat burns? Does it really work?  Virgin coconut oil has a natural cooling effect that is considered helpful to treat burns. Coconut oil for burns helps soothe the pain and makes healing fast.

Did you know that coconut oil when eaten offer a lot of benefits? It improves thyroid function, weight loss and assists the liver in detoxification. These are among the benefits of coconut oil. However, in addition coconut oil can be used to for treatment of minor degree of burns. It can be applied topically as first aid to prevent scars forming from burns and infections too.

The healing properties of coconut oil is amazing. Coconut oil has moisturizing properties, which simply means it helps the skin around the burns to remain supple. Applying coconut oil on burns, increases the blood flow around the affected area. Injuries due to burns will heal fast if there is a constant flow of blood and nutrients. It is not surprising to see people using coconut oil for burns on second degree burns.

Coconut oil for skin burns and scars

The skin is susceptible to burns of all kinds including sun burns and steam burns. Is coconut oil good for skin burns? Coconut oil is effective in treating skin burns, it has been proven to have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. This helps to prevent burnt skin from viral or bacterial infection thus facilitating healing of skin burns.

Does coconut oil helps in reducing scarring? Coconut oil is widely used due to its natural ability to reduce various types of scars that we experience after skin burns. Scars are the fibrous tissues that tend to form to replace normal skin after a burn. Coconuts oil is good for burns, scars and cuts.

Coconut oil has Vitamin E, lauric and capric acid that makes it an excellent oil to help you fade the scars from burns and cuts. Vitamin E in Coconut oil is considered an antioxidant that helps to speed up the recovery of skin abrasion. If you use coconut oil for burns, it will penetrate deep into the skin, moisturizes the skin and additionally defend the cuts from more damage.

Use coconut oil to massage the area continuously for effective results. This should help you to lessen the appearance of the scars and burns and make them less noticeable. It is important to keep in mind that coconut oil does not completely eliminate the scars, it only reduces the appearance of the marks.

Does coconut oil help 2nd degree burns and minor burns

Coconut oil can help you heal second degree burns, minor burns and rope burns too. Second degree burns tend to burn the outermost layer of the skin and penetrate into the flesh. It can be fatal if you do not have the best remedy or care after the burn. Burns such as rope burn tend damage some chunk of flesh.

Coconut Oil helps to treat second degree burns

Coconut oil to treat minor burns

Virgin coconut oil despite being considered useful for many skin disorders can also work well on second degree burns. It has the anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and penetrating properties to get into the skin. This makes it one of the best oil at home to heal burns. Minor burns affects the superficial layers of the skin and flesh. Such burns requires home care treatment.

3rd degree burns, severe or bad burns

Third burn degree are worst and can completely damage the body tissues, blood vessels and even the organs of the body. The damage is bad and can cause impairment of body systems. This severe case of burns contributes to numerous deaths in fire.

Contrary to the misconception that third degree means more pain, the fact is the pain is not even felt. Your body is extensively damaged and the nervous system is equally destroyed. Whatever the cause, third degree burns makes your skin look waxy and white. The body becomes dark brown and the skin gets raised and leathery.

Does coconut oil help cure third degree burns?  If you have third burn degree, you require the attention of a burn specialist for proper medical care. The doctor should be able to put on specialized treatment and recommend proper diet. However, coconut oil maybe used as first aid to soothe the pain and ward off infection such as bacterial or fungi.

As explained earlier, coconut oil has Vitamin E that is essential in repair of damaged tissues and cells. It helps to speed up the healing process significantly.

Sunburns and water burns

Sun burns and water burns would be classified as typically first degree of burns. The important factor is how much surface of the skin area is involved. These type of burns tend to affect the superficial layers of the skin and some tissues.

Coconut oil is good for sunburns

Use Coconut Oil to heal sunburns

Sunburns can be extremely painful and some of the symptoms include the skin becoming red, swollen and blisters tend to form. Sunburn is known to make your skin peel off and cause excessive dryness.

Is coconut oil good for sunburn? Coconut oil has beneficial ingredients that aids in treating sunburn fast. Here’s how to use coconut oil for burns from the sun and water.

  1. Run cold water or cold compress with ice on the burnt skin.
  2. Apply the coconut oil on the skin surface.
  3. Carefully rub the oil on the affected skin region.
  4. Allow the oil to get absorbed in the skin. This is essential for healing process.
  5. You need not to wash the area, the oil will be absorbed.
  6. Repeat the above steps daily will improve the healing fast.

Getting rid of chemical burns, radiation and acid burns

Did you know coconut oil is effective in getting rid of chemical burns, acid burns and radiation burns? Chemical burns such as acid burn can cause chemical peeling of the skin and irritation. This can be extremely painful as the burn part swells and becomes reddish exposing the tissues and blood vessels to the external environment.

Similarly for patients with cancer, coconut oil is useful to treat radiation burns as well. If you have to undergo chemotherapy in treatment of cancer, it is rather unfortunate you may get burns due to the chemical burns and radiation. How do you get rid of these kind of chemical burns using coconut oil? The good news is here, use coconut oil for burns to get rid of them.

Coconut Oil helps to treat second degree burns

Coconut Oil for skin burns

It helps to accelerate skin regeneration and further activates collagen fiber to be produced in plenty within the tissues being repaired. Additionally, coconut oil protects you from all inflammation and invasion of bacteria and fungi.

The antiseptic property of coconut oil helps to make your skin to be sufficiently moisturized giving you a radiant look. However, it is important to note that it might take a while, it is thus recommended to include a diet of Vitamins from fresh fruits and vegetables to assist in the healing process.

Can coconut oil help treat grease burns? Depending on the severity of the burn, coconut oil will be effective to heal the burn. It does this by soothing the pain caused by the grease burn. A little application of the coconut oil on the part burnt helps to moisturize the skin increasing blood flow to the burn. Coconut oil will penetrate deep into the skin causing the healing to start instantly.

How to use coconut oil to treat burns

Can you use coconut oil with lavender oil for burns? Virgin coconut oil has a natural cooling effect that can be useful in treating burns. You can also add lavender essential oil to the coconut oil to make the healing process even more effective. Here’s how you use the two combinations for treating burns.

  1. Add a few drops of lavender oil to the coconut oil.
  2. Run cold water to the burn. This helps to avoid scars formation as healing occurs.
  3. Apply the mixture of lavender oil and coconut oil to the burn.
  4. Allow the mixture to penetrate into the skin. Give it about 10 minutes.
  5. Make it a daily habit for fast healing.

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