Aloe Vera For Burns, Is it Good, Does Aloe Vera cream Help Burns on Face, Skin?

Can you use aloe Vera for burns? Does aloe Vera cream good for burns on your skin or wound healing? Burns are common daily incidences we encounter and how to ease is the pain is important. Burns can be classified depending on the severity and or the extent of damage. Learn how you can use aloe Vera for burn treatment using gel, cream and other recipes.

Aloe Vera is a common household name for treatment for minor burns and cuts. Over the years aloe Vera has been used to treat sunburns and stings as well. Aloe Vera use is becoming popular for burns and removing marks or rash on skin and face. Why aloe Vera is considered a home remedy for burns?

Aloe vera for burns

First degree burns can be treated using aloe vera gel. Image source – Wikipedia

Aloe Vera contains active compounds in it that helps reduce pain and inflammation making healing of wounds faster. This has necessitated manufacturers to make creams and lotions that can work more conveniently and fast. It is for this this reason that aloe Vera has penetrated even in the beauty and cosmetic industry to provide skin care solution.

Does aloe Vera work on burns?

Did you know aloe Vera for burns is an effective home remedy treatment? Does it really work on burns? Aloe Vera is one of the home remedy that is quick to help sooth pain away from burns. Aloe Vera is medicinal in nature and can get rid of burns and heal wounds promptly. If you have burns you should try using aloe Vera in any form.

Aloe Vera is said to stimulate growth of skin and repair the burns effectively. It has active compounds that is believed to reduce pain and inflammation. If you have burns, aloe Vera from freshly plucked leaf will work well for you. It works by stimulating the flow of blood to the burn parts and kills bacteria to speed up the healing process.

Studies have shown that if aloe Vera is used on burns it takes quite shorter time to heal the burns. It takes approximately 16 days or less for aloe Vera to treat burns effectively. On the other hand, if you use silver sulfadiazine to treat burns you are likely to take 19 days to treat the same burn.

Aloe Vera gel for burns

You can use Aloe Vera gel to treat minor burns

Some people take aloe Vera by mouth or applying directly to the wound. The effective parts of aloe Vera is the latex and gel. Though aloe Vera might cause some changes to the skin, it helps to cure burns fast by improving blood circulation through the area and prevent the death of cells around the burn wound.

Scientific reviews indicate that using aloe Vera cream for treatment of burns takes considerably shorter time. It only takes approximately 9 days sooner if you opt to use cream than actually going for the medicinal plant. It is evident that aloe Vera plant has some properties that are harmful against certain types of bacteria and fungi infection altogether.

How to use aloe Vera for burns

You probably just had a burn possibly a minor burn or cut. Do you know how to use aloe Vera for burns? Here’s how to uses aloe Vera for burns.

  1. Put the burn under pressure by running cold water or pressing ice on the surface.
  2. Extract gel from fresh leaves of aloe Vera plant
  3. Apply gently the gel, cream or aloe Vera spray or juice on the burn.
  4. Repeat the procedure above thrice daily for effective results.

Aloe Vera burn treatment

Is aloe Vera effective in treatment of burns? Minor burns and cuts can effectively be treated with aloe Vera plant. It contains enzymes and active compound that helps new cells to form, speeding the healing process. Healing require the flow of blood to be fast on the affected area.  Aloe provides instant relief by taking away the pain and soothing effect.

Aloe Vera cream for burns

Aloe Vera cream helps to get rid of burns fast

In addition, aloe Vera provides protection from fungi and bacterial infection to the wound. Try this natural treatment the next time you get burns.

Does aloe Vera burns when applied?

Does aloe Vera burns when applied? Aloe Vera for burns as a medication may cause some itching effects or stings which feels like actual burn. However, it depends on the skin which varies differently from one person to person. If you a have sensitive skin you may have a feeling of burn when you apply.

There is no scientific evidence to prove this claim. This is a rare case of aloe Vera for burns treatment. It is also important to consult your healthcare provider if the burn effect due to application of lasts for long. It could be a symptom of an underlying medication condition.

Is aloe Vera supposed to sting?

Applying aloe Vera for burns to the wound on skin or face is always safe although no maximum length of treatment so far has been established. Aloe Vera is not supposed to sting at all. What people call the sting is the first reaction when applied on burns. This shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.

It may itch depending on skin type, while some people are allergic others are not. It is therefore not proven as a universal conclusion by medics. If you are not getting freshly plucked aloe Vera or using some aloe products that have little of the aloe plant material, you could be suffering from counterfeit products.

Some so-called aloe Vera creams or sprays might be a pale shadow of the fresh aloe gel. Such aloe products have chemical extracts that produces the chemical burns. Aloe Vera for burns provide the safest treatment for healing of wounds, sunburns and marks on face.

Is aloe Vera good for burns, acid burns, cuts and scars?

Aloe Vera for burns is the simplest home remedy for treating burns, acid burns and scars. Aloe Vera contain larger percentage of water and gel which provides soothing effect on burns and wounds. Is aloe Vera good to treat burns?

Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory natural properties which shields the wound from infections. This makes it popular for burns and wound treatment effectively. According to clinical investigations, fresh aloe Vera gel speeds up wound healing by directly stimulating the synthesis of collagen and proteoglycan which helps in tissue and skin repair.

How to use Aloe Vera for acid burn

Is aloe Vera good for acid burns? Acid burns or chemical burns can be very painful to bear. How do you get rid of acid burns with aloe Vera? Here is how to use aloe Vera for chemical burns.

  • Wash or run cold water on the area.
  • Apply aloe Vera cream or gel from freshly plucked aloe Vera plant.
  • Use sunblock to prevent direct sunlight anytime you are going out.
  • Always be careful not to cause scarring, it may limit movement.

Aloe Vera for cuts and burns

Did you know you can use aloe Vera for cuts and burns? Aloe Vera is helpful to heal minor cuts and burns. However, for deep cuts or surgical wounds, it might not be very effective, according to clinical investigations it has shown to delay the healing if applied to deep burns and cuts. If you have deep cuts it may cause the skin surface to heal before the underneath layers of tissues are fully healed.

Does it work on cuts? Aloe Vera has for years been used as a home remedy to cure burns, it is the gel in that helps to treat cuts or scrapes. Here are other properties that makes aloe Vera effective to heal cuts.

Antibacterial properties

Fresh prepared aloe Vera gel has powerful antioxidants that shields bacterial infection in the wounds and promotes speedy healing. How great is that!

Anti-inflammatory properties

Aloe Vera works extremely well on wounds. How does it work? If you have any swelling from wounds, a little application of aloe Vera gel should be able to reduce the swelling and makes you to feel much better since the pain will be gone.

Anti –itching properties

Unless you are sensitive to aloe Vera, skin rashes or allergic reactions are rare cases of aloe Vera when topically applied. Aloe Vera is soothing on wounds and cuts providing a cooling effect on wounds and burns.

Aloe Vera burn blister

Does aloe Vera burn blister? Blisters develops from burn such as sunburns or exposing the skin to heat. How does aloe Vera help get rid of blisters effectively? Blisters makes the skin and wounds susceptible to infections. Aloe Vera is known to have disinfectant proprieties if applied consistently, the blisters will be gone.

Apply freshly plucked aloe Vera gel immediately after sunburns or any other form of burn to prevent blisters from developing on the skin surface.

Does aloe Vera help burn scars?

Can you prevent scarring using aloe Vera? How you treat your injuries from the early onset of burn will determine if you will develop scars or otherwise reduce the occurrence of scars. Burns causes impairment of skin making the burn wounds prone to infections.

Aloe Vera is a natural antibiotic that keeps microorganism invasion away. It has ability to naturally heal the burn, skin and tissue repair fast. If you have to stop scars from developing, form a routine of applying on the wound the aloe Vera gel thrice a day.

Aloe Vera and lavender for burns

Does applying aloe Vera and lavender gel for burns effective? This combination of recipe of Aloe and lavender gel provides a cooling, soothing and extremely hydrating effect on burns. It is suitable for irritable skin, dry skin and works perfectly well for sunburns.

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